• Zoom Google Hangout Facetime

    72 words0.4 min read

    Your local conference booth is Zoom Ready. Drop into to Collaborate to use our tailor-designed setup for your conference call. Features: ...

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  • Working from home

    174 words0.9 min read

    New members are now joining Collaborate having realised that working from home isn't always ideal. Case study - Robyn As the ...

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  • We’re COVID ready

    67 words0.4 min read

    Our new measures are in place to give you the confidence to return to work. Policies to separate each other in ...

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  • Coronavirus – getting back to work

    71 words0.4 min read

    We've taken a cautious step towards opening up the offices. A 'back to work' policy reminds all members how to stay ...

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  • Latest information and things to do

    71 words0.4 min read

    New information from Woking Works A good resource of information from Surrey Chamber of Commerce Jobs to do Set up your ...

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  • Twiddling your thumbs?

    542 words2.7 min read

    Twiddling your thumbs…. What to do with all the spare time and how can business owners make the best of this ...

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  • November Birthdays

    22 words0.2 min read

    For some weird reason many Collaborate members have birthdays in November. To celebrate we've drinks and cake at 16:30 - 8 ...

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  • 3rd Birthday

    27 words0.2 min read

    We made it! Collaborate is 3 years old and full to the belly with lovely customers. Thank you to all our ...

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  • Bitcoin for newbies and free Buffet

    78 words0.5 min read

    Wednesday 6 June 2018 - 12:30 - 13:30 Bitcoin chat and a free bitcoin for everyone who attends. All are welcome ...

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  • Woking Networking 20 April Friday

    79 words0.4 min read

    Monthly Networking at the Theatre Friday 20th April 2018 12 noon start Venue: New Victoria Theatre, Peacocks, Woking. 1st Floor Bar ...

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