Working from home

New members are now joining Collaborate having realised that working from home isn’t always ideal.

Case study – Robyn

As the HR Manager for a Marketing agency, all staff have been asked to WFH, but this comes with its own challenges. Sometimes the internet isn’t quite good enough or simply we just need some human interaction! Robyn, who lives in Woking, is on a 1-month rolling contract at Collaborate, so that she can move back to her normal office, as the economy recovers, without being tied in.

“Also, it’s tough sharing my home with my husband 24/7!!”

Case study – Suzy and Pete

Suzy and Pete develop software, live in locally in Woking and use Collaborate to break up their working from home routine.

“It’s great to build the software business with my husband, but it’s also nice to have a break from time-to-time.”

Suzy and Pete share a desk membership and and rotate when they use it.

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Why not get in touch to see how Collaborate can improve your work life balance.

Published On: August 18th, 2020 / Categories: Coworking, News /


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