• Dedicated Desks in Woking

Collaborate is Woking’s favourite work space, situated on Commercial Way in central Woking, close to the restaurants and shops.

Dedicated Desks or permanent desks are perfect for freelancers and smaller businesses who want to work full-time in a professional office environment, but only need one or two desks to hire.

A designated or fixed desk provides you with a regular workstation, so you can really settle in.

Just bring in your computer kit, printers, big screens and make your workstation feel like a professional second home.

Our Dedicated Desks are situated within the shared desk space, so there’s plenty of opportunity to get to know and network with the wider Collaborate community – a professional and friendly group of designers, architects, consultants and IT professionals.

Come and join the friendliest freelance community in Woking. Free trials available

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    I cannot recommend Collaborate Workspace highly enough. The friendly atmosphere and diverse range of businesses and skillsets has always provided a broad range of helpful advice and expertise to bounce ideas off and use as sounding boards.
    I’ve been a member of Collaborate on and off for 3 years or so – brilliant working environment and friendly people – a great place to work and feel part of a productive workspace. Great facilities with a personal touch.

    Moved in just over 3 months ago. Very friendly and productive environment. Highly recommend to freelancers and small companies looking to achieve a better work / life balance.


    Our Dedicated Desk services include:

    • A fixed, designated desk setting

    • A comfortable-sized 1400mm desk and lockable drawers

    • Bring in any kit you need and set up permanently

    • Super-fast fibre broadband

    • 7 days per week access, 365 days a year

    • Late working to 10.30pm if needed

    • Free use of our meeting rooms

    • Soundproof booths for private phone calls

    • Complimentary tea, Nespresso coffee, biscuits

    • Use of our kitchen and dining areas