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Get a professional business address for your company

Virtual Offices are an increasingly popular service. We have many customers from Woking and further afield that like to register their business using our serviced office address in Woking.

The benefit of a Virtual Office is that you can represent your business address professionally without the need or expense of hiring a formal office.

So you can work remotely or from home and still present your business with a professional address.

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Setting up Virtual Office is easy

We have simple straightforward Virtual Office contracts.

Once signed up for the Virtual Office service, you can register your business with formal organisations using our business address. You can also start using the address for your website and day-to-day activities.

As your mail arrives, we’ll sort and store it securely for you. Depending on your preferences, we can also open, scan and email letters to you, or simply forward post to your home address.

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Virtual Office Space Questions

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A Virtual Office service is a business solution that provides businesses with a professional address and communication services without requiring a physical office space. It typically includes services such as mail handling, call answering, and access to meeting rooms on-demand. Virtual Offices allow businesses to establish a credible presence in a desired location while enjoying the flexibility of remote work and cost savings associated with traditional office space.

The main benefit of a Virtual Office is the ability to list an office address as your business’s registered address instead of having to use your home address. This not only adds a professional look to your business, but it also helps ensure your home address remains private.