• Ensure you stay connected with work colleagues

    Flexible Working – Planning for Flexible Productivity

    1048 words5.3 min read

    This article discusses flexible working for business owners and company managers who oversee teams and group working. It explores the benefits, practicalities ...

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  • How to apply creativity into everyday life

    1245 words6.3 min read

    ‘Our mind is creative, clever and wild.  It constantly assesses risks, possibilities, needs, fears and our own power, often without us noticing… ...

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  • Networking: How to collect, connect and share the dots

    1429 words7.1 min read

    ‘Collecting the dots, connecting the dots and then sharing those dots with people around you… this is ...

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  • Shared office space in Woking

    How to find success on your freelance journey

    1480 words7.5 min read

    No two journeys are the same in freelancing, nor does ‘success’ look the same from one person ...

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  • The rules of marketing from Collaborate Works - Shared office space in Woking

    Business marketing on a small budget

    1094 words5.5 min read

    Are you looking to increase your company’s sales? To get in front of more people? To acquire ...

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  • Communication in the Office

    946 words4.7 min read

    Verbal and written communication has a direct impact on our success in business, whether that is in ...

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  • Introducing Productivity

    1396 words7.2 min read

    Here at Collaborate, we provide tailored office and desk space for many impressive businesses, start-ups and freelancers. ...

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  • New tech companies joining Collaborate in Woking

    155 words0.8 min read

    We've had a great start to the New Year here at Collaborate, with several new companies joining our friendly Office Space ...

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  • What is the future of office space in 2022 and beyond?

    1160 words5.9 min read

    The workplace has evolved dramatically over recent decades, shifting in line with the architectural and interior trends ...

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  • Happy New Year 2022

    85 words0.5 min read

    Happy New Year! We've had a busy start to the year at Collaborate. We've had lots of enquiries about CoWorking and ...

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  • How to get the most out of a CoWorking space

    696 words3.6 min read

    Renting a desk or a Serviced Office in a CoWorking space is a very modern way of working, and ...

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  • Zoom Google Hangout Facetime

    72 words0.4 min read

    Your local conference booth is Zoom Ready. Drop into to Collaborate to use our tailor-designed setup for your conference call. Features: ...

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  • Working from home

    174 words0.9 min read

    New members are now joining Collaborate having realised that working from home isn't always ideal. Case study - Robyn As the ...

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  • We’re COVID ready

    67 words0.4 min read

    Our new measures are in place to give you the confidence to return to work. Policies to separate each other in ...

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  • Coronavirus – getting back to work

    71 words0.4 min read

    We've taken a cautious step towards opening up the offices. A 'back to work' policy reminds all members how to stay ...

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  • Latest information and things to do

    71 words0.4 min read

    New information from Woking Works A good resource of information from Surrey Chamber of Commerce Jobs to do Set up your ...

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  • Twiddling your thumbs?

    542 words2.7 min read

    Twiddling your thumbs…. What to do with all the spare time and how can business owners make the best of this ...

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  • November Birthdays

    22 words0.2 min read

    For some weird reason many Collaborate members have birthdays in November. To celebrate we've drinks and cake at 16:30 - 8 ...

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  • 3rd Birthday

    27 words0.2 min read

    We made it! Collaborate is 3 years old and full to the belly with lovely customers. Thank you to all our ...

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  • Bitcoin for newbies and free Buffet

    78 words0.5 min read

    Wednesday 6 June 2018 - 12:30 - 13:30 Bitcoin chat and a free bitcoin for everyone who attends. All are welcome ...

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  • Woking Networking 20 April Friday

    79 words0.4 min read

    Monthly Networking at the Theatre Friday 20th April 2018 12 noon start Venue: New Victoria Theatre, Peacocks, Woking. 1st Floor Bar ...

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  • Collaborate Doubles

    147 words0.8 min read

    Woking’s newest workspace in Woking town centre has just doubled in size! Our new 2500sqft workspace offers a range of office ...

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  • New businesses move to Woking

    43 words0.2 min read

    Collaborate is proud to be the launch space of so many new companies in Woking. We recently hit capacity until some customers ...

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  • 28 June Meet up to end all meet ups

    27 words0.1 min read

    Join us for free drinks and snacks for a 'light' social networking with other local businesses in and around Woking 28 June ...

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  • Branding and Copywriting workshop

    133 words0.7 min read

    Collaborate are hosting another FREE event, covering Branding and Copy Writing. Register for free Event Brite A strong brand will set your new ...

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  • Internet of Things at collaborate.works

    34 words0.2 min read

    Nice experience to host the Internet of Things meetup group at our business hub last night. Some great presentations from the guys, including ...

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  • 25 February – Meet up and chat about Google Apps for your business

    10 words0.1 min read


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  • 9 Feb 2016 Meet up : Internet of Everything comes to Woking

    99 words0.5 min read

    Tuesday, February 9, 7pm Find out more Please note that for this event we will be heading to Woking to be closer to ...

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  • 30 Jan 2016: Event: Email Newsletters, Social Media & Google for Community Groups & Non-Profits

    244 words1.2 min read

    30 January, 2016, 11am Register here Where: Collaborate, 3rd Floor, Steward House, 14 Commercial Way, Woking, Surrey GU21 6ET (just opposite Bill’s ...

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  • We’ve launched!

    55 words0.4 min read

    Our launch event was a blast last week - many thanks to everyone who attended. To celebrate us arriving in Woking, we're ...

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  • AV equipment installed!

    31 words0.2 min read

    Super-fast broadbrand and a great new presentation monitor. Okay, we'll probably use the TV for watching Wimbledon mostly, but it's free for ...

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