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5 Key Factors When Choosing a Serviced Office

Sep 2023

A workspace is so much more than four walls and a desk. It’s a catalyst for productivity and a hub for creativity. It can even be an extension of your brand’s personality. That’s why when choosing a new office, it is important to consider the following 5 factors:
  1. Flexibility
Long gone are the days where businesses are bound by long-term lease commitments and costly overheads. Flexibility is now a key factor to consider when looking for office space as it can help your business respond to change and growth. At Collaborate, we know how a modern enterprise works best. We offer short-term, flexible contracts so that you can settle into your office space with no strings attached. Grow into your space as you need, or trim down to a smaller set-up. As time is money, we go above and beyond to get you set up and feeling at home as quickly as we can. Our approach is all about convenience, to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for your team. 
  1. Attentive Service 
Another key factor to consider is service. This allows you to focus on your business whilst your office provider works tirelessly in the background ensuring the office runs smoothly. Collaborate is proud of our high standards and approach to customer service, which is based on two key principles; 5-star service executed with high speed. No request is too big or too small, and is usually responded to the same day. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We have full-time on-site staff who are ready to help, and services, meeting rooms and complimentary kitchen services ready to use.   
  1. Location
Having a great location will help to keep you and your employees happy and content. Collaborate is situated in the heart of Woking, in the midst of the town’s hustle and bustle. There’s plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants, plus, we’re only a few minute's walk from the train station which connects Woking to London and the South East’s major towns. If you’re driving, then Woking is just a short drive to major road connections and the motorway.
  1. Facilities
A serviced office's facilities will make a big difference to the day to day life of your staff. At Collaborate we have several modern meeting rooms for 6 - 12 persons, contemporary desks and chairs, breakout spaces, CoWorking desks, private phone booths, and café kitchens well-stocked with complimentary tea and coffee. You can also use our serviced office address for registering your company and receiving business mail or for your marketing campaigns.  
  1. Fees and contract terms
Perhaps one of the biggest factors to look at when choosing an office space are the fees and contract terms. Flexible office space in a serviced office may appear to be more expensive than taking a traditional lease. But often it’s not. For example, Collaborate invoices our clients one single fee each month, but takes care of all the service charges, business rates, overheads and utilities in the background, including a super-fast broadband connection. Our staff look after the workspace, organise cleaning and maintenance, managing suppliers, buying tea and coffee supplies, and much much more. Think how much this would cost if you were to pay for or organise this yourself? And the beauty is that you don’t have to make a 5 year commitment. Who knows where your business will be in 5 years, so why tie yourself down?     Tailored, flexible, modern office space is the way forward. So if you’re searching for a serviced office in central Woking with a flexible approach and 5-star service, look no further than Collaborate.works. We promise more than just an office, it’s the Collaborate experience.