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Twiddling your thumbs?

Mar 2020

Twiddling your thumbs….

What to do with all the spare time and how can business owners make the best of this current situation? Well, your prayers have been answered by our Collaborate members. Based in Woking (centre of the Universe) Collaborate is a shared office space for a whole range of businesses run by some of Surrey’s sharpest business minds.

HMRC Government

Obvious top tips include, of course, to research the HMRC and government websites for tips on business loans, grants and other financial help to get you through the summer. Have you ever heard of the term ‘furloughed’ and how you can get VAT holidays? HMRC Government

Upskilling and reconnecting

“I’m taking those exams and applying to become a Chartered Environmentalist,” says business owner Amanda from Adapt Sustainability. Is this an opportunity for you to finish some exams, or reconnect with your industry community?

Mental teasing with Silent Cow

“I love cubing and have been meaning to launch my online Cube training course. Finally, they’re up and running, hoping to offer some mental stimulus for anyone wishing they’d learned how to solve a cube,” says David of Silent Cow. David is also a contract coder for top-secret clients which makes him the most mysterious member of Collaborate. Silent Cow Chris from Veriato has now found time to train up on some new remote working software that his business has installed. Veriato is a leading security software business helping managers to monitor staff performance and work practices.

Connectia travel and administration

Yawn - admin, admin, admin. But if you can get on top of it now then maybe you’ll reap the rewards when you’re in full swing come autumn. Connectia (under development) Dimitris is building a new database of target customers for his fledgling educational sector and reviewing the terms and conditions for his Chinese clients. This might also be the chance to check your GDPR policy (remember all that, a year ago?)

Google ranking

Have you searched for your business recently? Toby’s top tip is to tick some of those easy but never done jobs, such as SEO. Setting up a free business google page and getting your business listed in google maps is easy, free and makes you look professional. You can edit your listing and refresh the google search page as you go, to check that the page looks smart and enticing. Search ‘aat events’ for some ideas.

Wine tasting, painting, and other hobbies

Well, it might not be directly linked to your business, but your mental health and wellbeing are. A calmer and happier manager makes better decisions. Since international advertising contracts across airports have dried up Sohan is appreciating the finer things in life and seems to be wine tasting himself to be a ‘happier manager’ and preparing for the post virus bounce-back. Another suggestion from Jolien, one of our resident Architect CAD specialists is making that ever-elusive wedding photo album or picture gallery of that dream holiday you’ve been on.


In summary, there should be a silver lining to all this drama and businesses could make great use of the downtime. Have you got any great tips for your business continuity and the future? Message us below.